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In the winter of 2011

when two Maryland friends — Candace Maurer and Heather Lins — met Chrissy Marriner, a mineral makeup formulator who formulated a line that could withstand the Texas heat.  With a chance encounter, the three met at a Chicago Uno Pizzeria, shook hands and walked away business partners set to bring some awesome makeup!

two months and a Flawless Face package later…

They unveiled their new pure mineral makeup line at a Women’s show, not knowing what to expect.  Lines formed around their booth for 2 solid days. Women were waiting for them in the morning and staying after the event closed.  They had never seen anything like it!  They met a young girl there named Andelyn, with cystic acne.  Andelyn never felt so good about herself! The Flawless Face covered everything PERFECTLY!  Candace, Chrissy and Heather left the event on a high, they realized they HAD to get their Flawless Face out on a larger scale to be able to help women like the ones whose entire demeanor changed right in front of their faces at this event.

Pure makeup for active women with not-so-perfect skin.

What separates Sweet Minerals from ANY other beauty or mineral brand? 

It seemed like so many beauty brands did not get to the root of any problem.  All models had naturally perfect skin, no issues whatsoever. 

 Is that realistic?  We have issues.  We have acne, large pores, uneven skin,scars, you name it.  We are also VERY busy.  Kids, businesses, families,sports, pool days, karate lessons.  We were sick of reapplying so-so makeup that would seemingly melt off our skin an hour after we put it on.  Ewww!

Our products were created by us.  We first developed them for our own needs.

We needed products and ingredients that were NOT like any other product on the market.

  • Healed, soothed and even repaired skin conditions like acne, cycstic acne, eczema and rosacea.
  • Perfectly covered sun damage, large pores, melasma and discolorations while feeling like there was nothing on the skin.
  • AND would last throughout the day, in excessive heat, sun, rain, snow, sweat, the pool, the shower, the sauna, you name it!

We chose the ingredients that were healing and good for our skin, instead of junky fillers.

Where preservatives are needed, we use non-toxic ingredients and will never ever ever use parabens or phthalates.

We stay away from sulfates, bismuth oxychloride, talc, or harsh chemicals that could be absorbed into the body and we NEVER test on animals (except for that one time Chrissy put lipstick on her cat for Halloween).

It was really important that we NOT outsource our secret mineral recipes so we maintain full quality control by manufacturing our loose mineral products under close supervision at our lab in Maryland.

  • ★ hypoallergenic
  • ★ ideal for sensitive skin
  • ★ non-comedogenic
  • ★ recommended for professional photography


  • ★ adhere to the skin like a magnet
  • ★ last all day without fading or separating
  • ★ contain anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties
  • ★ resist water & perspiration
  • ★ protect from uva & uvb sun damage

So, where does NoFilter come in?

After several years of formulating we ventured beyond makeup and cosmetics and started on a project that would put us in an awesome new trajectory!

If we feel we need products for ourselves that aren’t on the market, we create them ourselves.

As women, we started in our 20s but were moving into our 30s, 40s and 50s and were in need of anti-aging products, but didn’t embrace the term “anti-aging”. It felt like we were pushing against something, like we weren’t happy about get older. It was far from the contrary, we wanted to shout from the rooftops how great we felt about our skin!

Some days, we just wanted to throw on the yoga pants, use the new skincare line we were developing, snap a selfie and say NO FILTERS TODAY AND I FEEL AWESOME!!

We began hearing the term “ProAge” and it just clicked! NoFilter ProAge, embracing our age, embracing honesty, never being fake, filtering our message and fitting into someone else’s box.

And at the same time, we realized that we built ourselves into our own box with the name “Sweet Minerals”, for this line was not a mineral based line, it was a plant based line, it was it’s own entity. We also had developed a cleaning line called Clean Essentials, and had several other projects, all being different than Sweet Minerals.

2020 Covid hit and we were forced to close down for a time. We had a BIG decision to make. We had the opportunity to move our technology, if we go for a name change, now was the time!

We decided to GO ALL IN! We announced that we would be closing for a time being while we moved our technology, and during this time we would launch an umbrella brand called NoFilter Global.

This umbrella would represent everything that we stood for as people and would be the parent to our beloved Sweet Minerals brand and would be the launching pad for our new ProAge brand and many more to come!

In October of 2020, during the pandemic we launched and we haven’t looked back! It’s been a CRAZY ride so far and we are so excited about the future!