Liquid Mineral Deluxe Flawless Face


  1. LIQUID Mineral Foundation
  2. Beauty Blender
  3. Long handled Airbrush
  4. Concealer Brush
  5. Full-size Concealer
  6. Full-size Bronzer
  7. Full-size Blush
  8. Full-size Veil
  9. Travel-size Moisture Prep.

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• Ideal for Active lifestyles; Perspiration-proof and water resistant, while letting the skin breath

• 18+ hours of beautiful skin

• Full coverage without a heavy or cakey feel

• Contains no talc, perfume, dyes, or harsh chemicals

• Very soothing to the skin, great for sensitive skin, does not contain Bismuth, a common cause of irritation in mineral makeup

• Non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic

• Contains Zinc and Titanium which provides natural physical sun protection.


• Aloe Vera - Antioxidant-rich including beta carotene and Vitamins C & E to improve skin’s natural firmness and hydration

• Coconut Oil - Skin Conditioner that won’t leave an oily residue, antibacterial properties to help heal skin

• Jojoba Oil - Reduces skin irritation and inflammation, promotes the healing of acne

• Distilled Rose Water - Seals in skin's natural moisture, acts as an antibacterial agent to prevent and heal blemishes

• Zinc and Titanium Dioxide - Provides a full coverage look with physical sun protection