Mens Shave Cream 4oz

• Mens Shave Cream is a non-foaming, moisturizing and skin conditioning creme to facilitate and support the best shaving experience EVER! • Crafted with soothing organic aloe, hydrating organic coconut oil and moisturizing, organic shea butter, which provides a thin, velvety barrier that helps keep the blade glide clean and smooth, guarding all those sensitive spots against razor rub. • Helps minimize razor bumps, burns and overall discomfort, while leaving skin feeling soft, smooth and conditioned.

• Organic Coconut Oil - Hydrates all skin types (dry, normal and oily). Naturally antibacterial and anti fungal. • Cocoa Butter - A natural fat that has been used for centuries to protect, heal and moisturize the skin. • Organic Shea Butter - A rich moisturizer clinically proven to improve skin elasticity. Used to improve the appearance of scars and stretch marks. • Glycolic Acid - Helps to exfoliate skin and treat ingrown hairs by preventing skin from growing over the ingrown hair. • Organic Olive Oil - Soothes, smooths and nourishes the skin.